Congratulations to Ms. Kimberlie J. Jackson 2013 Peggy A. Montes Unsung Heroine of Cook County’s 2nd District

March 18, 2013

In observance of Women’s History Month every year Cook County presents the Unsung Heroine Award to 18 women, one from each district and one county-wide. This award recognition is held during the month of March which is rightfully designated Women’s History Month. In keeping with the mission to recognize the impact women have had throughout history on the development of our social, cultural, economic and polirical institutions. This year the committee representing the 2nd District of Cook County chose to recognize Ms. Kimberlie Jackson.

Kimberlie Jackson has devoted her personal and professional life to making old things new again, whether recycling an outfit from a resale shop, finding new purpose for a condemned building, or helping to resurrect the dreams of underserved people. As executive director of the Lawndale Christian Development Corp. (LCDC) since 2007, Kimberlie has been a leader in the physical and social revitalization of Chicago’s North Lawndale community, a community that has been inappropriately labeled as “slums” and which was once described by the Chicago Tribune as the “American Millstone.”

Under Kimberlie’s direction, LCDC has renovated 150 housing units which represents sixty million dollars in improvements and is a catalyst for economic empowerment. Recently, LCDC, North Lawndale community, Chicago and Illinois officials joined together to announce plans to create MLK Memorial District in a section of the community where, in 1966  Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and his family lived temporarily. Kimberlie through hard work, resourcefulness, and initiative has helped revitalize the Chicago’s North Lawndale community and brought back a sense of pride and hope to the residents.

Prior to assuming the directorship of LCDC, Kimberlie served as the organization’s property manager and as the director of real estate development which resulted in the creation of Lawndale Christian Residential Services, a management company. She also has held leadership positions at non-profit community development corporations in Baltimore and Kansas City, Missouri.

In addition to reviving the North Lawndale community, Kimberlie serves on the Lawndale Women’s Leadership Series, the Covenant Bank Advisory Board, Chicago Neighborhood Initiatives Board, Barbara Bates Foundation Breast Cancer Advisory Committee, Founding Board Member of the Fire House Community Arts Center, Mayor’s Anti-Violence Initiative, Lawndale CARES co-chair, Lawndale Community Action Council Executive Board Member.

Kimberlie received her business, economics and real estate education and training from the University of Illinois, Chicago and the United States Air Force. Kimberlie lives on the Westside of Chicago with her husband, Pastor Phil, and her daughter, Jordan. She also has two adult children, Philip Jr. and BreAuna.

Sponsors: Dorian K. Carter, 2nd District Women’s Commissioner, Robert Steele, Cook County Commissioner

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